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dailydelicious: Rosette Shortbread

  Shortbread is one of the easiest cookies ^^ The ingredient list for making it is very short, but the taste of this cookie is always the best!  I make it quite often, as my sister loves eating Scottish shortbread (the one that comes in a rectangular shape). But I didn’t want to make it, […]

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dailydelicious: Green tea Shortbreads: 抹茶ショートブレッド

dailydelicious: Green tea Shortbreads: 抹茶ショートブレッド Pages Green tea Shortbreads: 抹茶ショートブレッド  I just came back from Hong Kong ^^, well the temperature was too high, and I felt so tired, -*-. But it’s fun, or the exact word is it’s delicious! (anyway, I will post it next time). After eating a lot of food any sweet, […]