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dailydelicious: Beef garlic rice

Today’s menu is fried rice!!! Actually, it’s the easiest rice menu, and one of my favorite things on earth, haha. For me making fried rice is fun, esp. when I don’t have any plan in my head and open the fridge. With cooked rice and whatever you have in the fridge (or in a can), […]

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dailydelicious: Bibimbap

dailydelicious: Bibimbap Pages Bibimbap I think Bibimbap is my number 1 Korean dish that I  like.  Bibimbap is Korean mixed rice, it’s very easy to make, the only key ingredient is Gochujang (Korean red chili paste), and the rest is up to whatever you have in the fridge, haha. Traditional Bibimbap made with short-grain rice but if you have […]

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dailydelicious: Rice cooker Zongzi: Sticky rice dumplings

Traditional Zongzi is wrapped in bamboo leaves and cooked by steaming or boiling, it’s one of my favorite dishes since I was a child. My father always made it every time that we came home, watching him wrapping the rice with a load of stuffing was fun for me. Since he’s not in good health, we (my brother […]

jasmine rice, one dish, rice

savoury and sweet fried rice

I know that not everyone love food with sweet flavour, but for me, I think sweetness in food make it more delicious. Such as this fried rice, it comes with not only savoury taste, the sweetness from pineapple and raisin makes it so additive. Actually it’s so delicious that I really want to know who […]