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dailydelicious: Lemon Spritz cookies

Now, it’s time for a cookie recipe again!!! Well, I still have a load of cookie recipes, hope all of you will love to make them too ^^. Today, it’s a butter cookie that comes with both richness from the butter and lovely taste and fragrance of lemon. Actually, I really love the fragrance and […]

Biscuits and muffins, easy, lemon, scone

dailydelicious: Lemon Scones

 It’s much easier than making bread, with less than 1 hour and you will get lovely fragranced scone. When I don’t have time but I have to bake something for my family breakfast, I always turn to biscuits or scone. As it requires less time to make and there are so many variations that you can create.  […]

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My way back to basic

It’s almost 12 years since I started my blog in 2007, at that time I never known that there are so many things waiting for me. A lot of friends that I met from social network (some of them became my best friends now), a lot of opportunities and yes, a lot of happiness too.From […]