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Cheese flatbread (manaeesh) | LEBANESE RECIPES

How to bake this Lebanese cheese flatbread Feta, halloumi and mozzarella combine into a delicious pastry. Flat bread from Lebanon: cheese and pastry has never worked so well (cooking.journey/Instagram) By Nahed Alfar Levantine flat bread, known in Arabic as mana’esh b’ jibneh, is topped with a mix of gooey white cheeses which combine well with […]

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Stuffed vine leaves | LEBANESE RECIPES

By Eaman Almalky There’s nothing more delicious than a yelanji plate or, as it is more commonly called in English, stuffed vine leaves. This scrumptious  vegetarian dish originates from the Middle East, specifically from the Levant region around Lebanon, Syria and Palestine. For many, including myself, it evokes nostalgic memories of childhood. The first time […]

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Vegetable Manakeesh /Manakeesh bil khodra

Difficulty Level Intermediate Recipe By Hadias Cuisine Manakeesh /manakish /manaeesh or in singular form man’ouche, a popular flaky, crispy and a bit chewy Lebanese round-doughthat is filled with different spreads(zaatar / kishik/ cheese/ vegetables). Traditonally, they are baked in an open flame oven. Almost all bakeries in Lebanon start selling these treats early in the […]