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Armenian Style Kufta With Potatoes and Tomatoes Recipe

Total: 75 mins Prep: 20 mins Cook: 55 mins Yield: 4 servings Kufta, kofta, and kafta slightly different spellings for the same dish: Middle Eastern meatball or meatloaf-style dishes with many variations. This version, Armenian in origin, is layered with potatoes and tomatoes and is a meatball-style casserole. You can substitute ground beef for the […]

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Lamb kofta lettuce wraps | LEBANESE RECIPES

Juicy spiced parcels of protein, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory goodness that use lettuce instead of bread. Adding yogurt, nuts and fresh herbs makes this Mediterranean-inspired dish tick all the nutritional boxes. Difficulty easyCooking time less than 30 minutes Serves 4 By Ngaire Hobbins and Michelle Crawford – Better Brain Food Ingredients Kofta400g (14 oz) minced (ground) […]

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Beef and Lamb Koftas with Mustard

The word kofta comes from the Persian koofteh, which means “pounded meat,” and these meatballs have been eaten for hundreds of years—the earliest written recipe dates to ancient Arabic cookbooks. Mehmet Gürs of Istanbul’s Mikla serves them simply with mustard. Ingredients 1 lb. ground beef10 oz. ground lamb3⁄4 cup plain bread crumbs1⁄3 cup minced red […]