King rice bran oil

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dailydelicious: Vegan Brownies

This time my brownie is not only rich in chocolate taste but it contains no egg or any dairy product too! Well, in October I will post vegan (or vegetarian recipes) because many Thai people are eating vegetarian for 10 days, you can call the Vegetarian Festival or Tesakan Gin Jay. (เทศกาลกินเจ). It happens every October. […]

King rice bran oil

dailydelicious: Sesame Sticks

I think that this Sesame stick is close to a breadstick. Because it’s crunchy and rich (and so additive ^^). But it’s a lot easier than breadsticks, as it’s not using yeast, you don’t have to knead, and when shaping, you just cut it into pieces, no need to do anything else. Well, sesame is […]