custard, easy

Caramel custard in one pan

Caramel custard is one of my favorite desserts, soft and sweet, with a bit of bitterness from caramel, I think that many people love it too. You can make it in a small individual cup, that way,  it’s cute and easy to serve. But for someone who doesn’t like to wash dishes like me, it’s […]

Biscuits and muffins, easy, lemon, scone

dailydelicious: Lemon Scones

 It’s much easier than making bread, with less than 1 hour and you will get lovely fragranced scone. When I don’t have time but I have to bake something for my family breakfast, I always turn to biscuits or scone. As it requires less time to make and there are so many variations that you can create.  […]

Banana, cake, easy

dailydelicious: Banana Upside down cake

 Banana, banana, it’s something that we always have in the kitchen , haha. My family love to eat it, but sometimes we can’t finished them before they become too ripe. It’s my duty to find recipe that uses banana (or load of banana, ^^), and I’m happy with that. Because baked good that contains banana […]