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dailydelicious: Rosette Shortbread

  Shortbread is one of the easiest cookies ^^ The ingredient list for making it is very short, but the taste of this cookie is always the best!  I make it quite often, as my sister loves eating Scottish shortbread (the one that comes in a rectangular shape). But I didn’t want to make it, […]

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Chocolate Malt and Pecan cookie

It’s time for a cookie again!!!! Actually, I made this recipe many times, as my family members really love it. Because it’s not too sweet and packed with the lovely fragrance of  Malted milk powder. Anyway, there was an accident when I made this cookie for the second time. As I didn’t weight the ingredient […]

coffee, cookie

dailydelicious: Coffee marble cookie

 I spend a lot of my time in the kitchen (more than in front of the computer) ^^ Because this week my brother will go to visit my sister so I’m happy to bake for her. After non-stop baking for 3 days, there is a load of bread, cookie, and cake in the fridge, haha. […]

cookie, lemon

dailydelicious: Lemon Spritz cookies

Now, it’s time for a cookie recipe again!!! Well, I still have a load of cookie recipes, hope all of you will love to make them too ^^. Today, it’s a butter cookie that comes with both richness from the butter and lovely taste and fragrance of lemon. Actually, I really love the fragrance and […]