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dailydelicious: Coffee Walnut Cake

Walnuts, coffee, and butter are classic combinations. There are many recipes for a coffee walnut cake, that has walnut butter cake and coffee buttercream. โAnyway, for today I wanted to eat this cake but I didn’t want to eat buttercream, so I had to make some adaptations to suit my mood.  I turned the classic […]

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dailydelicious: Florentine chiffon

Finally, I can make it!!!! Well, last week I tried to make this cake because I wanted to create this lovely cake that’s a combination of delicious almond toffee and a soft chiffon cake. But the result was not what I wanted. As I made the almond toffee and pour it into the pan then […]

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Torta Nua (Soft Italian Cake with Custard Cream)

Sweeten up your day with a slice of this Italian soft and moist, delicate and delicious cake filled with Italian crema pasticcera  Today I’d like to share with you a recipe for this soft and moist, easy to make Italian cake stuffed with a delicate and rich custard cream. Perfect for breakfast, snack time or […]

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dailydelicious: Moist Apple cake

I always have apples in the fridge. For me, it’s one of the best fruits ^^. As it lasts very long in the fridge, easy to eat and you can turn it into many menus both sweet and savory. One of the menus that I make very often is apple cake (there are many recipes […]

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Churros Cake with chocolate ganache

When talking about churros, we will think about the fried choux pastry. That’s dipped in cinnamon sugar and served with chocolate sauce.  But this time churros are coming in a cake form. Actually, I really love the fragrance of cinnamon, so churros is one of my favorite sweets (plus it’s fried food, haha). Just mixing, […]