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Cooking with Manuela: Cherry Crumble Cake

Before the season is officially over, let’s celebrate the last few days of summer with this light and fluffy cake exploding with sunshine-sweet cherries  Happy Labor Day weekend everybody! Let’s take advantage of these last few days of summer, and the last few cherries of the season, and bake this soft and delicate cake, exploding with […]

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Moist and Flavorful Blueberry-Lemon Poundcake with Lemon Glaze

Rich, dense and moist pound cake bursting with sweet blueberries and drizzled with zesty lemon glaze I know, I know. One more sweet recipe with blueberries.You might be wondering, what’s up with Manuela’s obsession with berries?!What can I say. Some things just can’t be explained.It might simply be my love for these healthy and delicious […]