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dailydelicious: Tri-color Cat Bread

I bought a lot of baking pan in the last 3 months ^^. Well, I know even we don’t have every style or size of them, we’re still able to create many kinds of baked goods.  But having them is better, right? haha. From all of the new baking pans, one of the pan, that […]


dailydelicious: HAM & CHEESE BUNS

Last year, I bought a lot of game soft, books, and manga, but I rarely had time to spend with them. Well, there was a time that we had to work and now when I’m not busy I will have more time for myself.   I started by playing games, as new games will launch in […]

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dailydelicious: Sugar Tart

Well, for me kneading bread dough is the best way to reduce my stress, haha, plus we get delicious bread too. As I told you that I bake less, lately, but making bread is still welcomed, as eating bread (even it packed with butter and egg) for people who is more acceptable, ^^. I got […]

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dailydelicious: Sourdough Waffles

Today, it’s a sourdough bread that doesn’t rely on the natural yeast from sourdough starter only. As you can see that there is a small amount of yeast on the ingredient list. You may want to ask “why do we need yeast when we have the sourdough starter?”.  It’s because, this time main role of […]

Bread, sourdough

dailydelicious: Sourdough Focaccia

Finally, I can post a Sourdough Focaccia recipe. This Sourdough Focaccia uses only a sourdough starter (without adding instant yeast). First, I have to say that I’m not a professional baker ^^ (I think most of you know this fact, haha), and I didn’t say that baking with the sourdough starter is better than using […]


dailydelicious: Braided brioche

Brioche is one of my favorite kinds of bread. Well, you can see that I have (too) many brioche recipes in my blog, and I can tell you that I still have more recipes to be added in the future, haha.  Some of the recipes are loaded with butter, that it’s too hard to knead […]