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dailydelicious: Banana Nut cake

Happy New Year 2021!!!!  I think that many of you might have a lot of plan and target for this year. Actually, I felt that everything is the same, haha, may be beacuse I work at home, so I don’t see anything different.  Anyway, I have a plan for this year too, and I started […]

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Cooking with Manuela: Banana Upside-Down Skillet Tart

Caramelized bananas on top of buttery and crispy puff pastry tart This post is written in collaboration with Tuxton Home. All opinions are mine alone Happy Friday everyone! Anything fun planned for the weekend?!? So far my plans only foresee extra sleep, sand and sunshine, and… some baking of course! So, how about this crispy tart topped with lightly […]

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dailydelicious: Banana Upside down cake

 Banana, banana, it’s something that we always have in the kitchen , haha. My family love to eat it, but sometimes we can’t finished them before they become too ripe. It’s my duty to find recipe that uses banana (or load of banana, ^^), and I’m happy with that. Because baked good that contains banana […]

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Chocolate, chocolate chips banana cupcakes

 Banana, banana I think it’s one kind of fruit that people use it a lot in baking. Because it gives baked good delicious sweetness with lovely fragrance, when using banana, you can reduce fat or egg in the batter so it’s good for your health too. But talking about health alone is not fun, right? Eating can […]