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Cookies, White chocolate

White chocolate cashew nut cookies

Cookies again, haha. I think that I have more than 100++ cookie recipes in my blog right now because I bake it almost every week. There are thousands (and thousands) of cookie variations, with white chocolate, dark chocolate, coffee, tea, and etc. And because baking is a science, you can create a different taste and […]

pie apple pie recipe thanksgiving dessert cake

How to make a Beautiful Apple-Blueberry Pie with a Lattice Top

Wishing you a healthy and safe Thanksgiving Let’s celebrate the holidays with this traditional, elegant and delicious pie  filled with crisp and sweet apples and juicy blueberries This year Thanksgiving dinner might look a bit different. But your dessert doesn’t have to!  We all know that no holiday meal is complete without pie. So, no […]

Bread, custard

dailydelicious: Sugar Tart

Well, for me kneading bread dough is the best way to reduce my stress, haha, plus we get delicious bread too. As I told you that I bake less, lately, but making bread is still welcomed, as eating bread (even it packed with butter and egg) for people who is more acceptable, ^^. I got […]


Dawn’s Recipes: French Onion Soup Burgers

I love french onion soup so I knew I had to try this burger.  It did not disappoint,  with onion soup mix in the burger, caramelized onions on top, covered with melted swiss and served on an onion bun, this burger tastes like french onion soup.  So good!  This recipe comes from the blog Frugal Hausfrau. […]