Month: May 2021

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Amazing 3 layers chocolate cake

Learn how to make this light and moist chocolate cake covered in a rich ganache glaze! It’s one of the most amazing chocolate cakes because of its light texture and rich, glossy, chocolaty glaze! Ingredients Cake preparation: 4 eggs 1 tsp of vanilla 10 tablespoons of sugar 10 tablespoons of oil 10 tablespoons of milk […]

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Recipe Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day

 Make your Mom feel extra special with one of these sweet treats Made with Love! Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all the Moms out there. May your day be filled with lots of sunshine and sweetness… and too many hugs and kisses. And why not?!? One of these handcrafted unforgettable desserts.  Made with love! Have an […]

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Churros Cake with chocolate ganache

When talking about churros, we will think about the fried choux pastry. That’s dipped in cinnamon sugar and served with chocolate sauce.  But this time churros are coming in a cake form. Actually, I really love the fragrance of cinnamon, so churros is one of my favorite sweets (plus it’s fried food, haha). Just mixing, […]