Month: January 2021

street food

Dubai’s Best Street Food | LEBANESE RECIPES

 1. Shawarma When in Dubai you cannot miss out on the mouth-watering dish popularly known as shawarma which is a popular middle eastern recipe prepared with lamb or mutton traditionally but is now even available in chicken, turkey or beef. Shawarmas are served hot and have fillings of hummus, pickles, vegetables, french fries, etc.  Al […]


dailydelicious: HAM & CHEESE BUNS

Last year, I bought a lot of game soft, books, and manga, but I rarely had time to spend with them. Well, there was a time that we had to work and now when I’m not busy I will have more time for myself.   I started by playing games, as new games will launch in […]


Onion Samosa Recipe | LEBANESE RECIPES

Learn how to make the best onion samosa. These samosas are crispy on the outside and filled with delicious-spiced onion filling. Follow this recipe to learn how to make homemade samosa from scratch, including techniques to fold the perfect samosa. This south Indian samosa is perfect as a snack, appetizer, side dish or even as […]

Banana, cake

dailydelicious: Banana Nut cake

Happy New Year 2021!!!!  I think that many of you might have a lot of plan and target for this year. Actually, I felt that everything is the same, haha, may be beacuse I work at home, so I don’t see anything different.  Anyway, I have a plan for this year too, and I started […]