Month: March 2020


Instant Pot Yogurt

Note *After you have made your first batch of yogurt, be sure to scoop 2 tablespoons of the yogurt into a small container and freeze to use for making the next batch.  This will be your new yogurt starter, you won’t have to buy another container of yogurt again.  Just defrost in the refrigerator overnight […]


Chicken Mango Avocado Salad

I’ve been asked what I’m making these days in isolation. Even for me, who enjoys cooking, having to prepare three meals a day and only going to the grocery store as little as possible is a huge ordeal.  I’m used to going to the grocery store almost daily but the new normal is stocking the […]


dailydelicious: Pineapple Cake

 I think that most of us have to stay at home. And it’s the best way to wait for the situation to become better (and I hope that it will be soon). Anyway, stay at home for me is not a bad thing, well, I’m the real homebody, haha. There are many things to do, […]