Month: November 2019

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Fukui Food Culture Festival 2019

Last week, I had been invited to the Fukui Food Culture Festival in Thailand that held at The Okura Hotel on 21th of November 2019. Well, I love to travel to Japan, but there are many places that I don’t know (and many things that I still didn’t have a chance to eat, haha). And Fukui […]

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Koshary – Egypt’s national dish

Koshary: part Egyptian, part Indian, part Italian, all-consuming (Wikipedia) By Naadirah Vali Koshary is the pride and joy of Egyptian cuisine, a chaotic yet delicious concoction celebrated by almost all Egyptians. At first glance it looks like a random – and hard to cook – mix of spice, garlic and tomato sauce poured over a […]

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Inspiration for your Holiday Baking

There’s no better time than the holidays to show off your baking skills, and impress your guest with your delicacies. Have a fantastic and delicious Thanksgiving! It’s pie time! What is your favorite dessert to bring to your holiday’s table? With so many alternatives to choose from, and all so delicious, it can be hard to […]

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Lebanese couscous (Mograbieh) | LEBANESE RECIPES

Mograbieh is one of Lebanon’s major feast dishes and perfect for festivals (@ranas_kitchen_lab/Instagram) Morocco may provide the inspiration but the Levant has made this hearty feast all its own Mograbieh is a delicious dish, made of rolled semolina pearls that are then cooked in a meat or chicken broth. It is the Lebanese version of […]


dailydelicious: Milk bread

 I think making bread is very good when you have stress, haha, as you can knead the dough as much as you want.  The first time that I made bread (it’s a very long, long and long time ago), I didn’t know how to knead the bread dough by hand, and I pressed it too […]

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Meatballs and rice (Dawood basha)

By Sura Al-Qassab and Nuha Al-Qassab Syria? Lebanon? Iraq? Lots of countries have staked a claim to the origins of dawood basha, a meat-licious stew. If the legend (and the internet) are to be believed, then this dish is named after a famous pasha – or high ranking officer – in the Ottoman Empire, whose […]