Month: October 2019

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dailydelicious: Bibimbap

dailydelicious: Bibimbap Pages Bibimbap I think Bibimbap is my number 1 Korean dish that I  like.  Bibimbap is Korean mixed rice, it’s very easy to make, the only key ingredient is Gochujang (Korean red chili paste), and the rest is up to whatever you have in the fridge, haha. Traditional Bibimbap made with short-grain rice but if you have […]

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How to make qatayef, an imperial treat from the ancients

By Marah Abu-Dieyeh and In’aam Shaheen Qatayif are delectable pillows of batter, cheese and nuts which date back more than a thousand years to the Abbassid Caliphate, which ruled the Middle East from modern-day Iraq and Iran. A much-sought after treat, they were mentioned in a cookbook titled Kitab al-Tabikh (Book of Dishes) by ibn […]

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Stuffed vine leaves | LEBANESE RECIPES

By Eaman Almalky There’s nothing more delicious than a yelanji plate or, as it is more commonly called in English, stuffed vine leaves. This scrumptious  vegetarian dish originates from the Middle East, specifically from the Levant region around Lebanon, Syria and Palestine. For many, including myself, it evokes nostalgic memories of childhood. The first time […]

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dailydelicious: Crème Brûlée

dailydelicious: Crème Brûlée Pages Crème Brûlée  Super creamy and super easy dessert!!! After so many cookie recipes, I think we should go for something else, haha. Well when I feel tired, a cookie is the first thing that I think about, as it easy to make and to eat. But there are so many recipes […]

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Chicken musakhan rolls | LEBANESE RECIPES

This Palestinian treat really comes into its own during Arabic celebrations. By Lina Issa Musakhan, which translates into English as “heated up”, is one of the most famous and traditional of Palestinian dishes, a perennial favourite on menus that comes to the fore during celebrations such as the olive harvest season. It’s also a strong […]