Month: August 2018

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Fresh Summer Salad with Cucumber, Watermelon and Fennel

Nothing screams summer like this refreshing and juicy, sweet and savory, lemony and minty cucumber, watermelon, and fennel salad This post is sponsored by MilkAndEggs. All opinions are mine. Thank you for your support After I posted my last picture  by the pool on IG some of you asked me about the salad I was eating. Have […]

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Purple potato 2 tones bread

 Last month, I saw a pack of Purple sweet potato Powder in a shop, and yes, I couldn’t help myself but buying it, haha. As you know that I always want to try something new all the time, it’s fun when I let my imagination run wild, ^^. Purple sweet potato Powder is a deep purple powder […]

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Cod with Tomato and Herb Butter

I’m going to try this flavorful tomato herb butter sauce on salmon and chicken soon.  So GOOD! INGREDIENTS Tomato and Herb Butter 1 medium shallot, finely chopped 2 garlic cloves, minced 1 Tbsp. olive oil, plus extra for drizzling the cod 1 pint grape or cherry tomatoes 1/2 cup chicken stock (I used chicken broth) […]

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Ricotta and Blueberry Cake Ready in Just One Hour

Soft, moist and easy to make  You’re going to love this simply delicious blueberry-ricotta cake! Let’s start the weekend with something sweet. Something soft. Something that will make you want to jump right off the bed and enjoy another beautiful summer day! And what’s better than this made-from-scratch, pillowy-soft ricotta cake bursting with sweet and […]

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dailydelicious: Berry Skillet Cake

dailydelicious: Berry Skillet Cake Pages Berry Skillet Cake You can’t have too much of easy recipes ^^. Because there are load of things in life that we have to (or must) do, well for me, I still have my work, as baking is my hobby, I don’t want it to turn in to hindrance. When I want to […]

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Cooking with Manuela: S’More Cookie Cups

S’mores like you haven’t had before Summer would not be complete without the awesomeness of bonfire s’mores. Gooey and chocolaty. For sure, one of the best summertime treats. Today’s recipe is not your classic chocolate and toasted marshmallows squooshed between two crispy graham crackers. Oh no. It’s that… And a lot more.The same sticky marshmallow. The same melted chocolate, […]